Jarvisen Language Translator Device, Two-Way Instant Voice Translator for 108 Languages, Real-Time Translation Device with Online Offline Translation, Portable Traductor for Travel, Business

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Established in 2019 in Silicon Valley, Jarvisen is driven by diversity and innovation.

Silicon Valley has been a prominent hub known for its diversity and its development of technological breakthroughs by welcoming the world’s greatest minds.

We wanted to connect the world even more through the progressive language technology of Jarvisen.

Unity Communication Trust

Jarvisen Language Translator Device for 108 Languages, Online Offline Language Real-Time Translator, Portable Traductor for Travel, Business, Language Learning

The world’s most powerful instant voice translator

The Jarvisen translator supports two-way instant voice translation for 200 countries’ languages with professional vocabulary in healthcare, IT, finance, legal, and other categories. It has the world’s fastest response time in less than 0.5 seconds, which is faster than a human translator.

Contextual A.I. voice recognition and translation engine with over 96% accuracy. Real-time response in less than 0.5 seconds (faster than a human translator). The only voice translator on the market with 4-microphone array with smart noise cancellation. Professional vocabulary coverage in healthcare, IT, finance, legal, energy, and sports.


2 Year of Free Global Data for 108 Languages and Accents

With a data card built into Jarvisen Translator 2, you can enjoy independent communication and free global data roaming for 2 year without the need to buy additional data or insert SIM cards during your travels. With Jarvisen’s 108 language translation support, you can seamlessly switch between languages, engage in natural conversations, and adjust yourself to the global culture you encounter along your journey.


English ⇆ Japanese, English ⇆ Korean, English ⇆ Russian, English ⇆ French, English ⇆ SpanishChinese ⇆ English, Chinese ⇆ Japanese, Chinese ⇆ Korean, Chinese ⇆ Russian, Chinese ⇆ French, Chinese ⇆ Spanish, Chinese ⇆ German, Chinese ⇆ Italian, Chinese ⇆ Portuguese, Chinese ⇆ Arabic, Chinese ⇆ Vietnamese, Chinese ⇆ Thai, Chinese ⇆ Hindi





Large screen can comfortably view and interact with translated content, making the device more effective and enjoyable to use.

Useful for travelers or business professionals who need to capture and share information in different languages.

Improving the speed of taking real-time translation tasks, shorten respond time of the device less than 0.5 second.

Provide users with clear and intuitive feedback about the status of the device and its functions.





Automatically wake up your device, user-friendly.

It helps to ensure that the desired translation is clear.

Personalizes translations and makes it understandable to individuals

Record your translation process, track your language learning.


【Instant Translator Device】Our eight-core CPU and advanced AI technology ensure an impressive 96% accuracy rate and a mere 0.5-second delay, enabling faster and more efficient translation.
【Offline Voice Translator】Say goodbye to online translators and translation apps. Jarvisen Translator 2 has 18 pairs of offline language packs, even without internet connection.
【Free Mobile Data】Built in 2-year global mobile data, you can use a translation device while traveling, no need to purchase additional data or insert SIM cards. It works right out of the box.
【Extended Battery Life】 Equipped with a powerful 2,000mAh battery, the device offers up to 6 hours of continuous translation, 10-day standby time, and can be fully charged in 90 minutes.
【Pocket-Sized Translator】Slim enough to slip into your bag, purse, or pocket. This slim translator is the ideal companion for business communication, travel, and foreign language learning.
【What You Get】Jarvisen Translator 2 comes with a Type-C cable, protective case, SIM pin, user manual, a worry-free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service.