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Offbeat Australian Outback Adventures: Beyond the Ordinary

Are you ready to go on a thrilling adventure? Do we have just the thing for you then! This isn’t your average zoo visit or even your normal day at the beach. Think you can handle it?

For those travelers ready for a heart-pumping, thigh-burning full-body workout, this Outback tour through the Australian wild might just be your ticket. Wild doesn’t have to mean scary and this is the good kind of wild. This Overland tour, with its tales of remote deserts, underground tunnels, and abandoned towns, will have your eyes out on stalks and your pulse racing.

Would you like to walk through Pinnacles Desert marvelling at the peculiar structures of the piled up stones? Would you also like the experience of living beneath the earth at Coober Pedy which is a small town with a population of 5000 people?

Is it in you to enter the freezing Ghost Town of Wittenoom and suffer its ostentatious past? Will you overstep the gloomy maze underneath the Old Melbourne Gaol? Maybe you will be excited to experience the entrancing Shipwreck Coast, each sunken ship with an elusive story/ You in? Just bring a bag and come.

Get ready to have the most extraordinary and abnormal adventures while experiencing the Australian outback first hand!

Get ready to jet set on an adventure like never before. Have you ever wondered what it would be like under the surface? Then Coober Pedy is the home for you. In the Australian outback, there is a unique place called Coober Pedy where most of the residents don’t live in the surface, they live underground! Why do the residents live under so much rock? Well, so they can escape the pouring down the sun heat to the entrance of their house where they’ll find a ladder. Then they will go down the ladder, and go eat some dinner.

There is so much more to live in Coober Pedy. Everybody needs shops and church’s right? Well all of theirs are underground. When you explore the underground part of Coober Pedy you will feel like you’ve just entered a different universe. The people explained the underground it as a place that is all quite and air conditioned 75F (24C) all year round except when they have storms, and rain runs through the underground. The people that all live in the underground district of coober pedy are all really good at finding opals in the ground. Opals are a kind of gem there that everybody there finds all the time.

Positioned in an illustrious location, formerly the dwelling of the whoever the man Crocodile Harry is, stands a location visited by many in admiration. It is cloaked in numerous distinctive and interesting belongings.

Have you heard the tale of the mythical Crocodile Harry? You will now on this exclusive Outback discovery, learning about the incredible life of Crocodile Harry and his fantastic contribution to the history of Australia. Crocodile Harry, the genuine crocodile hunter moved to Coober Pedy and became an opal miner.

Imagine you are in a place far away from the ocean. There is a big temperature with about 100 degree weather. Suddenly, you start to see this massive wave right beside you about to smashed. DON’T GET SCARED!!! It’s just called Wave Rock. It is created by Mother Nature through solar-powered and gravitational forces. This unusual rock formation has been waiting for your surprise for more than 2,700,000 years. It is surprisingly just a hill until Mother Nature changed it to a hugh wave.

Originally a thriving outback boom town Wittenoom was specifically established in order to house mining employees. After The Oct 1948 discovery, the existence had soon plummeted downward due to mines were closed abruptly and all residents vanished without a trace due to the existence of a hazardous substance. Cemented in the fabric of the unsuspecting area were Mythical fibrous white particles invisible to the naked eye or the households sense of smell.

Have you ever had the cold embrace of air surround you like a blanket with comforting fingers? If you have not, Old Melbourne’s Gaols tunnels are surely an experience that children demand! This exciting adventure, for children and teachers alike, is playful and educational. The Old Melbourne Gaol stands tall and sternly in a low voice it tells many a tale.

Imagine this scenario: you are going to the Shipwreck Coast in Australia on a never-will-happen-again adventure. How are you feeling? I bet you should be feeling really wondrous and thrilled. Can you hear the wind whistling through the towering cliffs as you watch the beautiful snit sets at the end of the shipwreck coast. Consider the forgotten story’s of the long lost warships battling heaving waves and then being encapsulated into the furious waters.

Imagine leisurely wandering through the incredible, unbelievable Pinnacles Desert. In the background people are laughing and shouting, full of thrill as we discover the cozy subterranean homes of Coober Pedy. Surprised noises might escape us as we investigate the stunning collection in Crocodile Harry’s. Consider or experience how gigantic, striking the satanic marbles are, distributed like somebody has tossed them here and there for no explanation.

Never has anything about your Australian trailblazing journey been much like anything else you have ever attempted, and never has it sucked even a morsel less. Perhaps a journey for the curious, a journey tossed at the brave, and one for the completely audacious, best describes Australia. Unconventional? Including the absolute best disparaging perspective.

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